How To Recycle Household Items In The Garden

So you are doing some house clearance and don’t want to just toss everything into the rubbish bin? Plenty of stuff is recyclable these days, but that doesn’t mean that you have to cart all of your old stuff to a recycling center. There are plenty of household items that can find their way to a long and happy life in the garden.

For example when it is time to start some seeds why not use old toilet paper tubes. You can cut them in half and fill will dirt for homemade seed starters. For deeper growing veggies, like radishes you can just leave the whole length of the roll. Once your seeds have started and have grown to a decent size you can plant the whole roll, which will break down over time into the soil.

Of course now that you have some things planted in your garden you’ll need some garden markers. You could simply use old popsicle sticks and write the plant on it with a marker. Of course if you wanted to add a bit more information like planting date and such you could always cut up your old rinsed out yogurt containers. You can really save from junk disposal prices if you follow these tips.

And what of a few larger items. Maybe you were doing some remodeling and have a few windows that you’ve pulled out. If the old windows are in good shape (not broken) you can use them to create a cold frame by laying them over a wooden box or some hay bales. This will give you an area to expand out your growing season. If you have some plastic pipe from a project they are wonderful for the garden. With a slight bend they can easily hold up a plastic tarp to use as a row cover. This will let you grow a full bed longer or start earlier. Also if you have just transplanted some young plants you can use these pipes to hold up a mess to keep birds off of them.

Any number of things can be used as a growing container. Look through the items after you are done with your house clearance. Is there something there that can hold in soil and water? Things like old water cans, milk pails, any bucket or can is a candidate. Depending on how it looks you might want to spruce them up with a coat of paint. However if they are old and in good shape they can give a great rustic antique quality to wherever you place them. Finally if you old CDs or DVDs that you are no longer using or that are too beat up to work you can use them to deter birds. Hang them on fishing wire around the garden so they can twirl in the breeze. They will catch the sun’s light and can frighten off birds that might want to swoop into your garden and have a snack of berries and the like. After a while the birds may get used to them, however normally adding a wind chime can help solve that problem.