4 Incredible Water Garden Design Ideas

There are many ways you can design a great looking water garden, but some of them will be harder than others. The following article will give you some pointers for your landscaping and gardening work:

  • Making a sloping stream

    You can use a mix of materials and colours to outline your stream and to make it look more interesting. There are varieties out there in terms of plants as well, such as weeping willow and the use of various sizes of rocks and boulders, helping to move the eyes down with the water flow. Large and flat boulders will act as more than this, edging your pond and giving enough space for a path of sorts. Add some dwarf evergreens to your gardening efforts and some lilies and black-eyed susans and you will have excellent results overall.
  • Dressing up a fountain

    This is a water feature that sets into a sloping corner, offering a more traditional style. You can use its hardscape with stone steps and a classic paved landing, lending an air of formality into the whole elegance of a waterfall. Urns filled with colourful lobelias and other plants would help soften the water edges for a more interesting look during your gardening efforts. While many of these elements tend to feel natural, this type of pool will be made to contrast with the more lush plant life around it.
  • Circular pond

    This is a great way to make a central location matter more around your gardening area. A gravel path from the home ending up in nice and bubbling pond is a good example of making your place look stunning. Repetition and circular elements are important for this design in more ways than one, so you will need to have the pond surrounded by a good path with a bubbling base on the pool through an aerator pump or the ensured constant flow of water.
  • Focusing on a single fountain

    You can of course keep things simple by using a simple, yet elegant solution for you place. A pair of myrtles in topiary, as well as some ferns will add some splash of colour around your head. Their rounded shapes will help with the water basin and more.